There are 2 types of prostate massage: external and internal.

We normally suggest either or both of these to help men learn to delay ejaculation, but the internal prostate massage can also be used to bring on an ejaculation. When you use a prostate massage to help a man delay ejaculation, the idea is to help the prostate discharge the accumulated hot sexual energy (without an ejaculation), then moving that energy up through the body away from the prostate. This leaves the prostate in a state of relaxation and delays the urgency to ejaculate prematurely (before they or their partner are ready).   If you are using an internal prostate massage (reaching the prostate through the man’s anus), to encourage ejaculation, this practice is commonly referred to as «prostate milking.» With prostate milking, you continue to stimulate the prostate with direct contact, reaching into the man’s anus—touching, probing, rubbing, etc. until the man is brought to an ejaculation.   Perineum Massage (External Prostate Massage) The perineum is the area between the anus and scrotum. It is sometimes referred to as the «million dollar spot» or «male p-spot» (compared to the g-spot for women as a source of pleasure). Men love it when their partner pleasures them with their hands or mouth by tapping, pressing, massaging, licking and sucking this highly sensitive erogenous zone.

The perineum is also a key for any man learning to delay ejaculation because the prostate gland can be stimulated and massaged directly through the perineum. Massaging the prostate through the perineum is one of the surest ways to move excess sexual energy away from the area.

Apply your fingers as shown in the diagram. Press into the perineum, at about the halfway point—slightly  closer to the anus than the scrotum—until you feel a firm lump (the prostate is about the size of a small walnut or a large grape). Rotate your fingers clockwise and counterclockwise alternately for two-three minutes. Experiment with various pressures and speed until you discover the right combination for best results. This will vary over time. An excellent variation is to fold a piece of silk over and massage the perineum through the silk which seems to have special energy dispersion properties, to say nothing of its sensual slippery softness. We highly recommend a short prostate massage through the perineum after every session of lovemaking.   Anal Prostate Massage   The prostate can be reached internally through the anus. Men can hold a great deal of tension in the genital area, and particularly around the anus. Most heterosexual men are comfortable with the act of penetrating a woman during intercourse, but are much less comfortable (or possibly even terrified!) with the idea of being penetrated through the anus during lovemaking or as part of an energy circulating exercise. For a male to allow himself to be entered through the anus requires serious surrender. The lover being penetrated is in a most vulnerable position, and men are used to being in control.

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Exploring internal prostate massage through anal penetration is one of the quickest ways for men to learn surrender in the art of love. If your lover is skilled, an internal prostate massage is also a source of extraordinary pleasure. There are a number of excellent videos to help you learn how to give an anal prostate massage or anal pleasure massage. Any man who learns how to receive this pleasure will never again be referred to as «tight ass».

The man lies on his stomach with the option of placing a towel-covered pillow under his hips for a better angle of penetration.

Encourage relaxation by gently rocking his body back and forth and applying light massage to his shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.

Wear latex gloves (use vinyl if there is any latex sensitivity or allergy). Use a generous amount of lubricant (silicone-based lubricants are recommended) and begin massaging the tissues around the anus with circular motions and gentle stretching.

Remember to breathe slowly and deeply.

Take as long as required to coax the anal muscles into complete relaxation.

Only proceed when the anal tissues open and invite you to come in. With your palm facing down toward the floor, insert an index finger, very slowly and very gently, into the anal canal.

Approximately one or two inches into the rectum, you will feel the prostate gland (a firm lump about the size of a small walnut or a large grape). Gently circle the prostate with your finger and experiment with pressing on it at various points with alternating pressure and firmness according to your lover’s reaction.

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With your free hand continue massaging other parts of his body. Also, you can press the heel of your hand on his sacrum at the coccyx.

When you are ready to stop, remove your finger with tantalizing slowness.

Wash yourself and your lover thoroughly using soap and water.

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